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Better than I could be. Not as good as I’d planned.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

It's a rainy day in New York. Which, has actually turned out to be an okay thing. It has given me time to play here. And I am passing it on to all of my fellow bloggers as a way to stay connected with the trials and tribulations of New Yorkers. Enjoy!
So it's about 3:30 in the a.m, and I have just arrived home from a very fun night in the city. First things first, I finally rode the subway! I know, I know, I've been here almost a week and hadn't done it but truth be told, I was a little scared. But tonight, Joi and some of her crew held my hand as I got a metrocard and attempted to help navigate our route up to 42nd street with the help of my trusty subway map. It went well and I even got feisty enough to switch trains and get home...it was a good trip.

But the best part of the trip was the reason for the subway ride in the first place. A couple of days ago, Joi invited me to go see a midnight showing of some movie. As my social calendar is blindingly white with empty space, I said sure. Little did I know that after a quick dinner in the Village (I've always wanted to say that!) we headed out for one of the funnest nights I have ever had at the movies. If you have not Wet Hot American Summer, stop reading now, go out and buy the movie--don't rent because I am certain you will want to see it over and over again! It's all about summer camp in the eighties and is just a total comedic package with some of the coolest indie actors out there. And the even cooler part, they were there, and yes I took pictures. Let's just hope that they come out ok.

Anyway, funny night but now it is time for sleep. Go get the movie...I know you'll love it!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Hi kids! Well, I'm back with another installment of No Sex and the City. I spent yet another day exploring but this time I saw actual stuff. I even took pictures like a real tourist. I walked from 14th to about 35th taking in shops on Broadway, Park Avenue, and 5th Avenue. I scoped out the Empire State building, from the ground floor, as I am saving the real trip up to the top for when Babs visits so that here dream doesn't come true. I finally located the Flatiron building after walking in circles and even managed to scour the first floor of Macy's. for nourishment, I had a fantastic sandwich from this place...a lovely grilled chicken sandwich with fresh basil leaves and real mozzeralla, a tasty vinagrette and delicious bread. Ally, you would love it! I also foundout that they offer smores, complete with an open flame at your table..I can hardly wait until it is cold enough to try. I even stopped by the great farmers market at Union square and stocked up on fresh fruit and flowers. Now, if I could just find a store that sells the cute little oriental slippers that I see everyon wearing I will be very happy!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I am, like, the goddess of productivity!!! I actually woke up at a reasonable hour this morning and proceeded to get a great deal of the things on my to-do list marked off. I tried my hand at the local grocery store down the street and it went very well. Food is a bit more expensve here than Texas but they had everything that I needed. Well, except Tabasco but I'll keep looking. I also went and bought a TV/VCR coombo this morning so that I can be entertained by the boob tube once again. It was kind of lonely with out it. I even managed to (finally!) unpack all of my stuff, including the four boxes of stuff that showed up on my doorstep today. Go me! I have dinner plans tonight with Joi to try Thai food and do a little bit of exploring.

But first, after two days in the city, here is what I have learned.

*Distance is relative to your location in the world. Example: Walking six blocks to the grocery store in NYC is making a short trip, whereas walking six blocks to anywhere in Texas in unheard of.

*All public service men whistle at women walking by. This rule also applies to most Peurto Ricans.

*Getting a telephone connected takes anywhere from 5-7 business days...that's long!

*When lost, wander, turn left, wander, turn right, wander, repeat all steps.

*And yes, while using a map may make you scream "tourist/newbie" it also helps you avoid the circumnstance mentioned above.

Monday, August 25, 2003

It's almost one o'clock in the morning and I am tired, very tired. After walking the city today for five hours, literally, I can hardly believe that I am still awake. I'm pretty much running on fumes but have managed to stay awake to chat with people that need to be chatted with. So far, so good I guess is the best way to sum it up. In the words of everyone's favorite red-head, Annie, "I think I'm gonna like it here."

Funny thing that I realized tonight. I never posted the funny and oh-so-bad-timing boy updates that I meant to so here they go. In the case of the boy from work whom I have mentioned earlier, one thing was made painfully and obviously clear to me before I left work. He was totally not into me and totally in to my replacement. Suffice it to say that he asked the time honored "I dig you" question..."So, do you have a boyfriend?" to said replacement. I laughed so hard I almost choked on the Garth Brooks lyrics I was belting out in his new Jeep. (Don't worry, nothing kinky, he just drove us to lunch.)

And behind door number two, the fireman. Well, after about two months of absolutely zero contact, he calls me on the eve of my departure. Oh yeah, it's that bad, timing I mean. He basically wanted to know how I was and what I had been up to and yada yada. He was hoping to get together but sadly (seriously, sadly) I had to decline as I reminded him that I was leaving for school. Now I am not sure, but I thought that I mentioned that to him before and he made a few comments about it being too bad that I was leaving and all. I had talked myself into believing that was why he stopped calling, because he didn't want to write a check his a$$ coudn't cash. Then again, maybe that's exactly what he was doing and he only called because he knew I was leaving and there was no pressure. Okay, now I am perplexed. Whatever, he told me to give him a call when I was back in town, maybe I will, maybe I won't. having the ball in your court isn't always as good as it is made out to be...

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Live From New York...

I'm finally here! After crying myself to sleep in the arms of my mother last night (nope, I'm not ashamed at all) and after battling my overweight luggage, I finally made it to my home for the next year...my NYC apartment. First things first, despite the overwhelmingly appalling matchbox of a room I had set myself up for, my apartment is absolutely adorable! Hard wood floors, small but great kitchen, large living and dining area and perfectly sized potty. Even the closet is decent. The blank white hospital walls leave a bit to be desired but they have great potential. And I am right next to a park that I can see from my window...so pretty! It has certainly been a trip, but well worth all of the hurdles nI had to stumble over.

I start the school stuff tomorrow with meetings and more meetings that pretty much continue for the rest of the week leading up to the beginning of class. For now, I'm waiting for my roommate to arrive so that I can meet her and then make crass judgements. Just kidding, sort of! For now, I'm just content to be here and ready to start the next pahes of my journey. I promise lots of updates as I get going.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Well, it's Wednesday night and I am at home with the family. The last couple of days have been good. Lots of last minute preparation on my part. I've been running around trying to get things organized, still haven't packed, but I'm getting closer. My new computer arrived which is great and I've got my friends around which is also cool. I spoke with my roommate to be (finally!) and she seems cool, I mean, as cool as you can tell someone is over the phone. She is studying to become a dentist so that should be interesting. I guess if I had to choose a medical kid to room with, a dentist isn't a bad choice. There is absolutely no chance of coming home to, oh, I don't know, a cadaver. Just dentures. And that, I can handle.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Where to begin. What a weekend it's been as I get closer to the big move. Friday, my last day of work, ended really well as the whole gang got together to take me out to a farewell happy hour. It was really nice and I walked away with some great parting gifts. It finally sort of hit me that I am going away knowing that I wasn't going back to work on Monday. An unexpected surprise, I sent out e-mails to all of my PR contacts letting them know that I am going back to shcool and giving them the contact info for my replacement. Well, I get dozens of e-mails back from folks wishing me luck and saying how much I will be missed and what a pleasure it had ben to work with me over the last year...it was like one very big warm fuzzy and a months worth of Elle Woods snaps all rolled into one!

I spent the rest of the weekend with my family, which was nice. Then I finally gave in and offered up myself for my mother's happiness. I got my eyebrows waxed...blah. I don't think that they look all that different but my mother swears they do. All I have really gotten out of it are some itchy little bumps around my eyes...wonderful!

I plan on spending tomorrow organizing and starting the long task of packing. I'm sure I'll manage some tome to blog an update. Until then...

Thursday, August 14, 2003

I am a firm believer in the fact that when you are nice, good things come back to you. It's very circular. Well, today my point was once again proven as the truth.

A few months ago I was talking to the lady at my office who organizes things. You know, the lady in every office who somehow manages to have all of the food there and all of the invitaions out and the plants watered, she's not the secretary, just the den mother. Anyway, the art we have hanging on our walls comes from various artists around town who are looking to show off some of their work in the hopes of making a sale. The guy's work we had up for a was about to go downa nd we were going to be left artless. I thought about it for a minute and realized that I had a perfect replacement. A friend of my mother's, whom I have known since Iw as young, is an artist. He just started painting for real a few years ago but is already up in trendy places through Austin and sells paintings for major money. I put in a call and a few conversations later, he was hanging his work up in my office.

Well, now that I am getting ready to go, he calls me and says that I can have one of his paintings. That's right, he let me pick one of his beautiful paintings--free of charge--to have. I could hardly believe it. Considering his last painting sold for roughly $8,000 at a charity auction a few weeks ago, I feel like royalty getting to have one for free! I selected a piece that is full of blues and reds and is all circly and spiral-like, soothing I think. It's a one-of-a-kind, finger-painted canvas unlike anything that I have ever owned.

And all it cost was friendship and kindness...

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Apparently the word is out. I've never used it but my friends have and they swear by it. And so does she.

Maybe I should pack up a box of it to take on my move...just in case my first night in the big city proves to be a challenge. Maybe not though since I probably can't afford the alcohol anyway. Who am I kidding, I can afford a few drinks!

Here's what they have to say about "overindulging" or just indulging in some cases, on their website. Strange truths indeed!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

As I am now moving swiftly along on my first full day of being 23, I felt that I should recap the fun for all of those who may have missed it.

Rachel finding her way back home was definitely a great present...I mean, flying all the way back from England to celebrate my birth is pretty thoughtful. She also managed to smuggle in fun gifts including marinating sauces from my favorite chicken shack, a beautiful pink pashmina from Paris, a LUSH ball, and a rocking set of music. I received lots of other great gifts including a meal of a lifetime from the basement and a hell of a story about Indians!

I spent my actual day of birth with my family eating good mommy food and pocketing cash...a winning combination indeed! All-in-all, I think things went pretty wel. This aging thing isn't too bad.

To shift gears, I am on the last week of work with exactly three days left...but who's counting. I cleaned out my cube today and it looks really sad. Don't worry, that isn't nostalgia seeping in, it's just that moving all of the frames and such only makes the dust bunnies look bigger than you imagined and that is just tacky! The good part about leaving is that I have managed to work a little magic since everone feels sad that I am leaving. I managed to get a little discount on my computer, a free wireless card, extra memory keys and a rush on my delivery...ahhh, the beauty of connections!

In my planning, I alos just found out who my roommate will be in NYC. I'm a little hesitant to call because the phrase "Hi, I'm your new roommate" is even a little too cheesy for me. I'm trying to think of a way to do it that makes me look like a cool grad student and not just a schmuck who wants to know if she is bringing a TV. Suggestions are always appreciated.

I'll keep you posted...

Monday, August 11, 2003

Because I can...

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me-ee,
Happy Birthday to me!

Friday, August 08, 2003

As luck would have it...After weeks of nothing to do, I finally decided yesterday to go visit my best friend for the weekend upon her return from months of travel--I mean school! Anyway, today at one of my very important weekly meetings, the cutie lab boy (the one from Chick-fil-a, Babs) invites me over to his place for a pool party.

What the hell kind of luck is that?!!

After months of "damn, he's cute" thoughts I get an invite and can't go. I think he must have sensed it and just wanted to piss me off. Yeah, that's totally it!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

"Some people turn out better than we think."

My plan today was to get my oil changed. But after the news of a two hour wait at the Wal-Mart, I decided against that. Instead, I ran inside and grabbed the newest issue of Redbook and popped into a little bbq joint to get a quick lunch. As I'm standing in line debating over the standard plate or the lite plate, I hear someone call out my name. I look up and an old high school friend that I haven't seen in roughly five years was waving at me (luckily, she is one of the few people from the halls of hell that I didn't mind running into.) We said our quick "hellos" and "how are yous" and then I grabbed my plate (I decided against the lite) and went to sit down with my magazine.

As I was sitting she comes up to my table, grabs a seat and we begin to chat. Now, the girl that I remember from high school was a little loopy, the "class clown" of the track team and I was never quite sure if she had anything going on inside her head of bouncy blonde locks. But the person that sat in front of me today had more to her than I ever could have imagined. She's married now, she's traveld, is pre-med (with a rhodes scholar interview under her belt) and is looking to apply at a few very high-quality medical schools. As we sat and talked I was blown away at this person sitting across the table from me. She is a far cry from the sixteen year old waif I remember and somehow the grown-up thing suits her. We talked about where we both are in our lives and where we have been and, inevitably, where we are going. Before I knew it, we had talked eachother's ears off for nearly an hour and I had to get back to the office. It was a fantastic talk that ended with hurried good-byes and the exchanging of e-mails. Often times I exchange info with lost friends, but this time I really meant it, and that felt good.

As I walked away with my doggie-bag of leftover lunch (maybe I should have gotten the lite plate) all I could think was just how great it is that often times people turn out better than we think.

P.S. The bbq man himself, Mr. Dickey, will be on Regis and Kelly in the morning...set your VCRs!

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

As we all (should) know, Chicago is coming out on DVD in a couple of weeks and I'm really excited. The one question that I have always wondered about in this movie is the lady who says all of that stuff in some unknown language during the Cell Block Tango. Well, thanks to those folks at IMDB, I now know what she is saying.

For everyone else who ever wondered, here it is:
"What am I doing here? They say my famous tenant held down my husband and I chopped his head off. But it's not true. I am innocent. I don't know why Uncle Sam says I did it. I tried to explain at the police station but they didn't understand."

And just for kicks, here it is in Hungarian:
"Mit keresek én itt? Azt mondják, a híres lakóm lefogta a férjem, én meg lecsaptam a fejét. De nem igaz. Én ártatlan vagyok. Nem tudom, miért mondja Uncle Sam, hogy én tettem. Próbáltam a rendõrségen megmagyarázni, de nem értették meg."

Okay, thanks to Emode I have plenty of things to do to help pass the time.

Take a quiz, or two...or three, and see how you stack up.

For starters, I'm a Politicain. What's your personality?

I'm off to see what kind of dog I am...kind of scary.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Okay, question: What is the deal with people's attractions to pregnant bellies? Seriously, what is it about a swollen tummy that just makes people, womenin particular, want to reach out and touch it. The argument has been made before that under normal circumstances it is NOT okay to just reach out and touch someone's belly. But somehow, when that belly contains an unborn child, a woman's tummy becomes free game. No one ever considers the mom-to-be in this equation. Does she really enjoy people she barely knows (or doesn't even know) taking a poke at a part of her body, that until recently, may heve been a no touch-zone? As I was walking by one of the ladies in my office today I was certainly tempted. She has a cute little five-month pregnant belly that just screamed "Come rub you dirty hand on me" in a loud voice (presumebly not the baby's or the mommy's!) But just as I was going in for the reach I caught myself and thought ask te mommy belly in question "Can I touch?" She smiled and said of course but there was a quick glance that spoke volumes as it whispered "Thanks for asking!" I do remember the first time touching a pregnant belly and being shocked that it was hard. I suppose I expected something soft and squishy much like the insides of mommy's belly (sorry for that mental image) and I was taken aback by the firmness. A little bundle of joy, I suppose, should be protected as such, by a nice hard mommy shell...but I think I digress. I'm not sure that, if and when I decide to have children, I want random people copping a feel. Do you? Just a kind and gentle warning: if you do want to touch just ask, the worst thing that could happen is she could say no. I doubt she will, but if she does, did you really want to touch the belly of a mean mommy bitch who doesn't want to share the joy of a new life with others, even complete strangers? I think not!

Monday, August 04, 2003

This is what I wrote today:

Dear Jeff,

It is with regret, yet firm conviction, that I wish to inform you of my decision to resign my position at GCI Read-Poland as an Account Coordinator, effective August 15, 2003.

I have truly enjoyed my experience at GCI Read-Poland during the past year. I have worked alongside many fine individuals and have learned a great deal. I appreciate the numerous opportunities I have received while at GCI Read- Poland especially in working on the Dell account.

After careful consideration and discussion with my family, I have decided to further my personal interests and professional goals by pursuing a Masters degree in Media Ecology and African-American Studies at New York University on a full-time basis.

Once again, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to those at GCI Read-Poland for their continued support and encouragement throughout the past year. I am lucky to have worked with such talented individuals and for such an extraordinary company.

Ebony Rose

Ths is what I wanted to write:

Dear Rich Guy,

It is with great satisfaction and immense joy that I must resign my position as "one of the kids who works at Dell" for much greener pastures. Though I have learned a great deal over the last year, none of it, and I repeat, none of it has been learned from you or your company.

For all of the times that you forgot to tell me about meetings and parties, and then sent a note ten minutes before to "remind" me, I wish you nothing but pain and suffering. For all of the money that you make off of my hard worked 40-hour weeks for paltry pay, I wish that your new sailboat and home in Arizona will break and burn respectively.

I hope that someday I am so rich and so utterly good at what I do that you will want me back to work for your company and I will have the chance to so "NO" with mounds of enthusiasm.

And finally, to those left to dwell in the depths of hell alongside you, I wish them all great strength to fight the evils which you exude.

The Girl Whose Name You Do Not Know

There, I feel much better!

Friday, August 01, 2003

Summer Fun Day

Yes, that is the official name of the half-day celebration that the little computer company that could has planned and is paying for. All of my work buddies and I get to spend the day out on beautiful Lake Travis with free food and drink wasting the afternoon away. One of the perks of working for "the man" is paid fun for sure. Anyway, we get to head out of the office at noon today and that is always cool. I must admit that I work with some pretty crazy people so there should be plenty of stories to tell about it later. Other than that, The Way We Were is playing at the Paramount this weekend and I am so excited. I plan on seeing it once but, as an addict, it may not be enough and they are showing it three times...I wonder if I can resist? We'll see...