A Rose In Bloom

Better than I could be. Not as good as I’d planned.

Monday, February 26, 2007

At a recent meeting I litstened to a man talk about the beauty of Mondays. His claim: The weekends are what everyone looks forward to even though it is a short, two-day peried. "What if we all started looking forward to Mondays" he yelled enthusiastically. What is if we all took on the mantra of "Yeah Mondays!" and thought of all of the great things we got to do this week. How nice it would be to fill our lives with things that make us excited, things that we look forward to doing everyday, even Mondays.

It sounds like a great idea...in theory.

Today has just been one of those typical Mondays. Too much work to be done inside and a undeniable longing to be out enjoying the unseasonably warm weather instead. A headache that won't end from an hour of drama over the lunch hour. A kink in an exciting plan that I had been looking forward to. And a lot more on my plate that I wish I could brush off. And the rough part is, if you had told me on Sunday, when I was all excited and ready to begin my Yeah Mondays! week that today was going to be one of those Mondays, I would have slept in a little later today instead of trying to get a leg up on all of the good I had anticipated. Because all that I managed to get out of my early start to Yeah Monday! is an insatiable need for a nap.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm booked. Solid. Except for that one weekend at the very end of April during which I plan to sleep.

My planner these days reads more like a to-do list than an outline of places I get to be or things I get to do. If I'm not working all week and on the weekend I'm attending some function, usually a function I am organizing or in some way play a pretty major role.

We are down one person at work indefinitely. There are birthday celebrations and bon voyages to attend. There are also planning meetings and brainstorming sessions. I finally made time to go to the grocery store but only purchased things that could be eaten straight out of the package or microwaved to piping hot in less than three and a half minutes. I finally got my way-past-due hairs cut on Friday night in the one hour I had between daytime work and returning for a night time shift. I am flexing my multitasking muscle...talking to a friend on the cell phone while getting my car washed, writing notes for one meeting while IMing about another, contemplating party ideas while blowdrying my hair.

I imagine this must be what Barbara Walters feels like with all of her juggling of Oscar specials and that wacky Rosie on The View and the Primetime Live specials and the charity galas and the making out with Bill Getty and the telling of ABC and Disney where to shove their small world after all sunshine.