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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tidbits--The Broadway Version

I finally saw Steel Magnolias last night. The bitter taste in my mouth has yet to wear off as Truvy decided coming to work on a Tuesday evening was overrated. Her standby was more than adequate but for the price I paid (read:student discount) I expect the real deal. Nonetheless, the other women in the ensemble were fabulous, especially everyone's favorite overbearing mother as Clairee, who's delivery of stinging southern one liners was pure perfection.

The Tony nominations were announced yesterday. I watched them live in the morning and tried to get tickets to the show. Unfortunately they sold out in thirty minutes. Phylicia Rashad was deservedly nominated for her role in Gem of the Ocean, her performance made me go through five tissues. I hope she wins. I think Marmee was robbed of a nomination for her work in Little Women. The musical isn't going to change Broadway but her two solos made the show (well, aside from Joe's Astonishing solo, but she was nominated so there's no reason to even mention it). Even though I can't be there, I will be watching from the comfort of my mama's living room, the best seats are always on your own couch anyway.

Although it isn't technically Broadway, I finally saw Turandot, a Puccini opera I have wanted to see forever. It was beautiful and the sets were unlike anything I had ever seen before, they garnered applause all on their own. And aside from a slight shoe mishap and the unnerving presence of the sexiest priest on earth, the evening was wonderful.

I have two theatrical events to see this weekend...and however many more I can squeeze in before I go. My budget doesn't really like it, but my soul...oh how good she feels.

**Star Sightings**
Luke Perry walking down Broadway
The guy from the B52's at the Met


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