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Thursday, September 29, 2005

  • If you are going to have a black family participate in a reality show, don't allow them to have the last name Black...it just makes for tacky (yet hella funny) television.
  • If you are going to get into an arugument with a threa year old, be prepared for the name calling. Things like "You, You YOU--FELLA" and "You mean chimney" give a whole new meaning to the sticks-and-stones bit.
  • Yesterday it was 104 degrees in the shade, today we are coasting in the high seventies. This is why weather people in Texas will never be out of a job.
  • I had a cocktail with my lunch today. It's just been one of those...years. It reminded me of when I worked in corporate america actually. We had these really horrible pre-lunch meetings twice a week and more often than not, beers would be ordered at lunch after the event. Which just made me think, I don't really need a job to be a part of the rat race, only enough cash to purchase a drink when the universe demands it.


  • At 7:33 PM, Blogger Barbara said…

    OH MY GOD!!! I laughed all night whenever I saw the "Black" family on the Amazing Race. At first I was wondering if it was their description (you know, like dating models).


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