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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Second Time Around
I am a self diagnosed tv junkie. I watch much more tv than I should and I have been known to set my calendar in such a way that I don't miss the next new episode of my favorite show. From the time shows and new seasons premiere in the fall until their finales in the spring I rarely shift my viewing patterns which, I've discovered recently, is kind of a bummer when it comes to missing out on new shows because I'm so loyal to the ones I like. But thankfully, the best shows often end up in syndication and I've been able to find new loves if only a year (or more) behind the wave. Case in point, over the past few months I have discovered That 70s Show. This show originally premiered on tv ten years ago and who knows what I was watching back in '98 (actually, I was probably watching Dawson's Creek) but I completely missed it. And now, I catch a few episodes a week and laugh out loud almost every episode. It's really funny stuff and I'm sort of sad I'm late to the party. But, better late than never as they say.

Below, a few more shows I was late to catch but am now a proud supporter of:
The Gilmore Girls: An absolutely fantastic show. If you've never caught it you should netflix a few of the seasons and marvel at the fantastic writing (witty banter, Streisand references, touching relationships) and the great characters. This show is what got me through my six-month unemployment slump after graduate school where it was shown four times a day on ABC Family.
Scrubs: I never really understood the Zach Braff phenomenon until I finally got in a few episodes of this show this past summer. He's a funny guy and writes/performs just the way most twenty-somethings think-slightly scattered and a bit out of the norm. The cast is great and he wraps a good, if be it zany, lesson into each episode.
The Sporanos: I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a big mafioso fan. I mean, I liked the Godfather (both the movie and the book) like most people so this show didn't really appeal to me when it was on HBO. I guess it helped that in it's prime I didn't get that channel anyway so it was never a real option. But, since the show started broadcasting on basic cable I've managed to catch a number of episodes and it's a fantastic drama. Sure it's got foul language and can be pretty bloody but it's an interesting look at a family working through all of that and the acting by Mom and Pop Soprano is top notch.
CSI Miami: Okay, so I know there are as many CSI tv shows as there are Law and Order ones and I am generally not a dedicated fan of any of them. But late night tv can draw you in to event the craziest viewing patterns and these days I can hardly get into bed without tuning in to a rerun of this show. I'll be honest, it isn't going to change your world but the forensic crime fighting stuff is freaking amazing. And it doesn't hurt that David Caruso's Horatio Cain throws out one liners like few others currently on tv.