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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just a few thoughts...

  • I don't appreciate the new already-foamy handsoaps on the market. There is definitely something about the action of rubbing your hands together under the running water and transforming the gel into lather yourself. I feel like I'm really getting at the germs that way, like I am actively participating in good hygiene. The no-work soap is just another lazy American invention of which I am not fond. It's right up there with Easy Mac, as if Mac and Cheese in and of itself is not already easy.
  • Stephanie posted the link to a quiz to find out what Grey's Anatomy character you are. According to the quiz I am Izzy, all balanced compassion and drive. In my brain (although she isn't techincally an intern which I guess explains why she wasn't on the intern quiz) I think I'm a lot like Dr. Torrez. This strange, intriguing mix of in-your-face attitude with a splash of caring and romantic ideals thrown in. She takes a stand when it's necessary, she covers your back when you're in a bind and she sits down at the bar with you for a drink to share in the drama. Plus she got to make out with McSteamy and well, I'd love to rock that kind of mojo.
  • I am listening to holiday music in my office as I type this. I had it playing on the music system that is piped through the entire building but they made me change it. Seems the whole campus isn't quite as excited about the twenty-four hour holiday music station as I am.
  • I am convinced that The Real World: Denver needs to be the last season of the series. The cast members aren't even interesting, they just make out and then fight and then make out again. And I am also convinced that the reason I feel so disconnected from them is not because I am now officially an old lady.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Black Friday Redux
I feel like I should share with all of you the most exciting bits of this very American holiday tradition. I use the word tradition very loosely here as my family has in no way ever made a tradition of shopping on the morning after Thanksgiving. My brother took up the habit a couple of years ago so that he could stock up on presents for my niece but he's one of those crazy dads who would do anything for his child, and to save a few bucks, so I suppose it makes sense. Me, I'm just your average selfish twenty-something who saw an ad for a $20 DVD player and thought that it would look perfect in my bedroom. So I set my alarm for 4:30 a.m. to hit up a few of the stores at the new shopping center here in town. My mother, ever the trooper and often times the Robin in my Batman schemes, came along for the ride.

And a ride it was.

Let me tell you, if you have never braved the wilds of overly-stressed and caffeinated moms at five in the morning searching for the Leap Frog Reading Tablet at 60% off, then you have never seen the true grit of parenthood. The night before, when we decided to really take our chances at the shopping, mom and I skimmed through a few websites and wrote down a few ideas that would be nice to buy as presents for family. I haphazardly wrote the items down on the backside of my credit card bill envelope and tucked it into my bag. When we drove up to the shopping center at roughly 4:58 the next morning I was in shock. The ENTIRE parking lot was full of cars and there were mobs of people outside of every store. In the distance I could hear a guy on a bullhorn organizing shoppers into lines at the Best Buy next to the Kohl's we were attempting to get to. When the doors swung open the crowds swarmed in and then there was the chaos. My mom ran to the kitchen section to swipe up the gift for my brother and sister-in-law while I ran to the toy section to get the gift for my niece. People were shouting out directions to family members and the swarm of bodies around the electronics, my DVD player waiting to be snatched, was large and loud and knocking boxes onto the head of a woman in a wheel chair who had positioned herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. When the dust cleared I was able to grab the very last DVD player in the store to claim as my own and mom and I were ready to check out. It was 5:15.

We waited in a very long check-out line and then hunted down the car in the parking lot. Mom puffed on a cigarette as I watched people rush out of the store just as quickly as they had rushed in. I don't think there is any need to tell you how the rest of the morning went. Suffice it to say we did hit up another store where pretty much the same scenario unfolded. We were home and unpacking the car as the sun was rising in the distance. I had some breakfast and went back to bed for a few hours.

And as ashamed as I should be to admit it. There is a definite thrill to the whole thing. And a skill of which it would take me many a year to master. I'm not making any promises but there's always next year...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dear Internet,

It's been quite a while since we last spoke. I know, I know, I never call anymore or send witty IMs to just let you know that I am thinking of you. It's just, a lot's been going on lately, some things have happened, but that's no excuse, I've just been a bad friend. I mean, there's no need to worry, I haven't run off and grabbed myself a marriage and a mortgage or anything. I've just been busy, doing the day-to-day stuff that often keeps friends apart. And I know that the type of friends that we are, I should be more forthcoming with things, even the little things, just to keep you from feeling as though my love is with another. Fear not internet, I don't have a new Mac-ier version of you on the side by any means, there are just a few more things ticking away at the moments of my life these days. (And obviously I've used those moments to find a definite flare for the dramatic!) Then again, you've always known those tendencies have existed inside of me haven't you internet?

So dear friend, I offer you a few tidbits of what I have been up to because I know, even though you will probably throw a fit and give me an error message at some point in our coyish game of catch-up, you really do want to know how I've been.

The niece's birthday came and my mom and I prepared the perfect five year old girlish delight.

But seeing as it was so close to Halloween at the time of the birthday party, and Barbie's legs were just too damn long, we also made a second cake. Just to keep things interesting.

There are more pictures I could share with you internet, but making you sit through a slide show of the last few weeks seems cruel. Almost as cruel as that time a friend's mom made me do exactly that whilst a raging flood enveloped the city. If put in that situation again I'd swim for it. But I digress. I won't share the pictures of the wedding I went to for a friend I have known since before you, the life blood of connection, was even a glimmer in Al Gore's eye. I'll keep the pictures of the ladies night karaoke to myself because even though it sounds like a good idea at the time, snapping people's pictures while they are belting out an emotional rendition of "Papa Don't Preach" doesn't make for a great action shot. And I won't bother you with stories of homecoming, the catching up with old friends and the (over)drinking of the free booze, we'll just say I was happy it came and next year will be just as pleasent.

You see internet, life really is trucking along. The holidays are approaching and there are so many things to be done in the coming weeks. Parties to attend and to plan, emotional stresses to be worked out, job duties to be handled and friends to be seen. I'll do my best to stay in touch and and keep you posted with the happenings my existence. I make no promises, but as always, I'll try.

Thanks for listening,
A Rose In Bloom