A Rose In Bloom

Better than I could be. Not as good as I’d planned.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

You Gotta See it to Believe it

You know what makes the Target in Brooklyn better than the Target back home in Texas? An escalator for your shopping cart, that's what!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

First day of work: complete

I survived my first day at my new office completely unscathed. Actually, my good Jewish boss left at noon for Rosh Hashanah so I didn't have much of a boss like presensce around. The rest of the poeple in the office seem cool, but they tend to keep to themselves, I think it's a New York thing, being all quiet and mysterious. I basically spent the day scrapbooking. Yup, cutting up stuff ang glewing it to some paper making it all look cute and stuff. I think that I am now officially prepped for brain surgery.

So that's it I guess, so far so good, and that is just about all that I could ask for.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

For those of you who don't know yet, I got a new job and I start tomorrow. I am a little nervous, as I always am when I begin a new job, but I'm sure things will be okay. I just hope that the plethora of testoterone at the male dominated sports agency doesn't overwhelm me. I'm pretty sure I can hang, they just better be on their best behavior around the end of each month, if you know what I'm saying!

Stay tuned for a first day update tomorrow....

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Today's Tidbits (cause really, I don't feel like writing a novel but I feel the need to share just a taste...)

Tidbit#1: As I have always known, when bad stuff happens, good stuff is bound to follow...good stuff found me today....

Tidbit#2: The 4-story Barnes & Noble in Union Square makes me feel good. Like someday, my library will look like that...

Tidbit#3: I saw a man with a bleeding gash on his head today by NYU, and as the other New Yorkers walked by unphased, I put my pizza down and talked to a guy who called 911 just to be sure something was getting done...a sure sign that this city has not stolen my humanity...

Tidbit #3: Mary Kate and Ashley started classes at my school yesterday and though I pretend that I don't care, secretely I am walking through the halls on full alert, just in case, you know, the skinny one says "Hi"...

Thursday, September 02, 2004

You know what, sometimes, when you are poor, the best thing you can do to cheer yourself up is treat yourself to something expensive. I know, I know, it doesn't make one ounce of sense but I dare each of you to find a woman who, at some low poor point in her life, hasn't gone right out and bought a new pair of shoes or a shirt or a new lipstick. Well, in my financially desolute case, seeing as how I live in New York, I treated myself to a broadway show. And you know what, I feel much better! It is important that I note, however, that being a poor college student in NYC lends itself to getting expensive perks on the cheap, like front row student rush tickets to 42nd Street for only $21.50 instead of the usual three times that. So despite it's discounted price, I guess it still counts as an expensive gift to myself becuase really, at this point, tewnty bucks is a big chunk of cash! It was just what I needed: glittery costumes and fancy tap dancing with cute chorus boys (although I'm sure I'm not their type) and adorable broads belting out songs of hope and love...I tapped my feet and snapped my fingers in kind!

And besides, if I hadn't gone, I wouldn't have seen, my favorite early nineties feminist-in-training...sometimes it just pays to go out in New York!