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Monday, September 29, 2003

True Story

A girl is sitting in an internet cafe on a quiet Chicago street. While checking her e-mail, she happens to glance up from the computer screen and notices a boy sitting a few computers down. At the same time, the boy also glances up and their eyes meet in one of those moments that seems to last forever and a whole conversation takes place without ever having spoken a word. They continue to look at each other, neither one certain what to do next. Then suddenly, as if they had said too much, the boy gets up from his computer and walks out of the cafe with only a brief glance back over his shoulder.

A few weeks later, the girl is reading the personal adds in the back of her local urban paper...think The Village Voice or The Chronicle...when she notices a small pice in the "Shot in the Dark" section. It read as follows:

You, the cute girl at the internet cafe. Me, the guy too shy to say any thing. We made eye contact for a moment, but that was all it took.

The girl knew it was for her but she hesitated to call the answering service that the paper sets up. What if she were wrong? But then, what if she were right? She waited a couple of days and then called, leaving a brief message. A few days passed and she heard nothing. A couple of weeks later, still no response.

Fast-forward a few weeks later. Same girl in the same internet cafe. In walks the same boy. After a brief moment of anger she decides to walk up to him and talk.

I know that it was you, the add in the paper. And I don't know what you are trying to prove but it took a lot for me to call you and for you to not respond was cruel.

You called? I never got the message, I swear! The paper's answering service never told me that someone called.

They both smiled, and laughed and left the cafe together.

Their wedding is in a couple of months!
It's 6:20 AM and I am still awake...never, ever drink a Red Bull!!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2003

Today started out like any other day but ended with this!

Elly and I headed on up to Rockefeller Center to try and do some shopping at the Izaac Mizrahi Target store they have set up. After that we attempted to get jobs...still no luck...and then decided to stroll around Times Square for a while. We decided to go see a show and got in line at the TKTS booth in Times Square only to find out that they only take cash. So we ended up going into a bunch of theaters trying to see if they had any reasonably priced tickets for tonight's show. They all said no but we did find out about great student discounts that we can get to see some great shows. Almost defeated we decided to head on over to Billy Joel and Twyla Tharp's Movin' Out, turns out that they have student tickets that they offer during the week, but by chance they had two for tonight's show. That meant that we got in to see the show for $30...in the front row! Let me tell you, I have two words for this production, a-mazing! We literally got hit with sweat by the dancers (I know, kind of gross but kind of cool!) The bodies on these people were unbelievable as they danced around for two hours of awesomeness on the stage. The best part, the cutie who plays one of the main characters was totally eye-balling me all night. At one point, as he was dancing in front of me right on the edge of the stage, he reached down, grabbed my hand and kissed it!!!!! COULD YOU JUST DIE!!!!!!!!!! It was so great! All of the ladies around me were giggly and kept looking at me after that, so jealous I'm sure. After the show Elly insisted that we wait by the stage door to get autographs so we did. And when the cutie who kissed my hand came out he says..."Hey, I know you, the front row," then he smiled and winked and signed my book. Honestly, if any of you come to New York, you have to see this show. I don't promise any kisses but I do promise one hell of a good time!

Today's Star Siting:
Naomi Judd

Thursday, September 25, 2003

As I am walking home tonight after surviving an over-crowded van ride and a class that lasted long enough for me to get hungry again after eating supper before it, I ran across a woman commiting a crime. I heard her approaching footsteps behind me and before I had time to blink I saw her run past me in an ensamble that was clearly a felony. Now I understand that some would give her the benefit of the doubt as she was working out and that is to be applauded. However, just because she is improving her cardiovascular system doesn't mean that she should let her fashion system go to hell in a tacky hand basket. I offer you her outfit in protest: too short racing shorts in a blindingly bright shade of blue with alternating red and yellow surfboards, a tank top with little lavendar roses vining all over it and a hairdo circa 1980 perm-at-home with no sign of any sort of restraint device, nope just flopping around on her head like she was wearing her own sheep dog! It was just so bad, I stopped walking for a minute and debated on whether or not I should chase her down and send her directly home, but then I feared that I might drop my chocolate donut so I veered right and completed my journey home.

So consider this your own little P.S.A. on excercise fashion dos and don'ts. Becasue next time, maybe I won't be so forgiving.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

I have been waiting all summer for tonight. It's the premiere of The Bachelor! I will be tuned in until the bitter end to see who wins the heart of our favorite reject, Bob. I'm so excited...Bluestone gals, have a glass of pink champagne for me!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

As I was riding the shuttle home from class tonight, I made a new friend. Her name is Brenda and she graduated from Southwestern. I know! What a freakin small world! And she lives in my complex. We talked and will hopefully get together and hang out. But seriously, what a freaking small world!

Sunday, September 21, 2003

What an amazing morning! I woke up early and met Shaunna, then we headed up tp Central Park to sit in on a free talk by the Dalai Lama. It was absolutely amazing. They told us that the estimate was 100 thousand people, and I certainly believe it. There were people as far as I could see...and as I was leaving there were even more. Richard Gere introduced him, apparently he was a major player in getting him here. Anyway it was just so cool, there aren't many people in the world who can say that they saw the Dalai Lama, I feel special.

Oh, and I went and saw this girl sing the other night (a friend of a friend kind of thing) and she was so cool. Her name is Mairead and she is an Irish mix of Sarah McLaughplin, Melissa Etheridge and maybe a touch of Jewel and Ani DiFranco. She was cool enough for me to buy her CD which I promise to let the gang listen to over Christmas...or when you come visit!

Now I am preparing to make a yummy dinner and sit infront of my tv watching the Emmy Awards. Enjoy your Sunday...

Friday, September 19, 2003

It's Friday night and I actually have plans...how exciting! I'm meeting up with some kids from my program for dinner and then we are going to see a band. My biggest dilemma, what do you wear to go see a band in New York? Yes, a mild dilemma at best but a womanly concern nonetheless. I have decided, I think, to go with casual but fun. A denim skirt, my new little J Crew shirt and my black denim jacket...I have no idea about shoes. Whatever, as long as I don't look like a scary flashback to the 80s like most New Yorkers I'll be okay. This city, by the way, is single handedly trying to bring back the 80s from its shallow grave. I have seen entirely too many women walking around ins sleeveless sweatshirts a la Jennifer Beals in Flashdance and I even saw a girl walking around in leg warmers, I literally cringed. Anyway, back to my main point...as long as I stay away from all things day-glo I should be okay...I hope.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Today's Thoughts and Observations

*As I strolled down 5th Avenue today stopping in stores and browsing, I made my way into J Crew. I found a cute shirt for $9.99 which of course had to come home with me. But the true highlight of the trip were the jeans. Bottom line: Though I didn't purchase any ($68 for jeans, me thinks not) I am now a full size smaller than the last time I bought jeans! To celebrate, I bought a piece of coffee cake.

*A windy New York City is dangerous. The wind has the ability to pick up little pieces of dirt and shoot them directly into you legs so that it feels like little shards of glass embedding themselves in your skin. And if said dirt makes its way into your eyes they feel like little daggers scratching at your cornea.

*"College you do for others, graduate school you do for yourself." I can't remember who told me that but they were right. Today as I sat in class and talked about all of the things that you can never talk about, I felt validated and proud for putting up the good fight to get here. I patted myself on the back just to say thanks.

(To piggy-back on my last comment, I have decided to enrich the lives of all of my readers. I intend to start a book list on my blog of great things that I am reading or have read that I want to pass on. Some scholarly, some totally not, but all good reads...I promise!)

**Today's Star Siting**
Doug E Doug

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Job searching is sucking my soul dry! Now, I am a very qualified individual who can handle just about any task short of brain surgery. But some how that doesn't seem to be enough for the hiring professionals (read: wackos who take themselves way too seriously) whose hands my future lay in. Below are a few of the places that I have gone to apply for a job and the conversations that have taken place.

Stop 1: Virgin Megastore, Union Square

In a previous post I mentioned my initial experience there and the crazy test. When I went back for round two I realized that they are even more crazy than originally thought. After a wait of one and a half hour AND a retake of the test (I know!) I finally talked to the guy. Apparantly the guy on the first go around didn't schedule me correctly and then didn't give my interviewer my test. Anyway, after a lengthy talk about what they do at Virgin (evidently I was wrong when I thought that they just sold records!) I was told that the interview process takes three weeks, that they are interviewing 50 people for 10 open spaces and that they are looking for folks interested in getting into "the biz." Impressed yet? Me either.

Stop 2: Starbucks, 1st Avenue

I like coffee and know how to work a cappucino machine...shoe in! Well, in order to work at any of the Starbucks in New York City you have to go to the job fair. It's a two hour block and you can do an on-the-spot-interview with one of the managers. Sounds like fun, but I'll wait.

Stop 4: Payless, 1st Avenue

Love shoes...and this place has way more cute accessories than any Payless I have ever been in. Well, the guy at the counter informs me, "Yes, we are hiring but we have been out of applications for a couple of weeks. Can you come back in a week and see if we have any? I could use the help but have been truning people away all week." Now, I don't know, but I think that they could seriously fix their problem of having no employees if they went to Kinkos and printed out a few applications...just a thought.

Stop 4: The Gap, Astor Place in the Village

When I went in to turn in my application I thought, "They have to hire me, I've worked for the company before." Well, the girl, excuse me, the manager, who I talked to dove right in asking me questions and giving me tips on how to make my application look better. Though I appreciated the tips, I wasn't sure why she was proof-reading instead of hiring. Well, after a few minutes talking with her and answering the boring questions you always get, she tells me that she will set me up for a real interview. WHAT? Apparantly that was just round one, the warm up for the big interview that she makes sound like I will be testifying in front of a committee. She gives me my info for round two and tells me, "Fix all of the mistakes on you application on this new one. Actually, take two in case yo mess up...it needs to be perfect with no mistakes. Be there 15 minutes before your time and dress to impress!"

So that's where I will be at 10:00 am, excuse me, 9:45 am, tomorrow morning. Dressed to impress in front of the Gap Gods. Sigh, this job thing really isn't fun.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

41 minutes, 51 seconds

That is my official time for my race For the Cure 5K. I still can't believe that I actually did it, but it feels great. There were 20,000 people running in a race that started along Central Park West at 77th, went up to 90th, curved and weaved all through the park ending back up at 72nd. It was so much easier to run than anything I have ever done because of all of the people cheering you on and all of the adrenaline. At the end of the race, there was a man waiting handing out pink carnations to all of the finishers and lots of free goodies for working so hard. And although I didn't get a pink t-shirt, they save those for breast cancer survivors, which I guess is only fair, I got so much more. It really was so cool and I am so glad that I did it. I am officially going to heaven!

Friday, September 12, 2003

I'm stuffed! I spent the afternoon wandering around the San Gennaro Festival today in Little Italy and have come home a very happy customer. I managed to squeeze in a huge Italian sausage on a bun with grilled onions--delicious--and a sinfully good cannoli. The whole place just smelled so good that I think that if my stomach could have tolerated it I would have eaten much more!

The highlight of the afternoon though, was the one thing that had attracted me to the festival in the first place. The International Federation of Competitive Eating, or the IFOCE as it is known to those of us who enjoy the sport of eating (don't laugh...only a true athlete can eat 3 pounds of hot wings in 12 minutes), sponsored the cannoli eating contest. There was lots of pomp and circumstance along with lots of grown men cramming crap down their throats with amazing agility. In the end, the guy who won ate 14 canolies in six minutes ! A daunting task considering I could even eat one. It was pretty funny...and messy!

And on a side-note, as I was wandering through the Village to get to Little Italy, I walked right past the building that serves at the office building that Grace Adler works in. You know, the one with the little gold man on top? Well, it's called the Puck building and it was just a neat little moment!

Thursday, September 11, 2003

It's September 11th in New York City. The air is different here than anywhere else, you can feel it, these people lived it. I don't quite know how to explain it. Last night from my window, I could see the lights that they have constructed to shine into the sky in the exact places that the towers stood. I just sort of stared at them...it was a stunning visual reminder. I thought about going to some of the memeorial events but decided against it. Somehow, here, I don't feel like I belong there. That they should be kept for those who are truly grieving, not me. I have been watching the coverage on tv as the chilrden of those lost read off the names...

I think the whole day will move a little slower. The people here remember how the earth shook and the smoke smelled. I remember the images from the television but not the tangibles, not the feel of it. They deserve their space today, their time to reflect and remember. I am satisfied with my television as an extension...

Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Yes, you read that correctly. I have just been hanging out in a room with Barbra herself all evening. Can you believe it! I know, I had to pinch myself a couple of times! New York is officially the greatest city in the world because on a moments notice, you can do things like walk over to West 12th, wait in line and get in to the taping of Inside the Actor's Studio.

I found out a few days ago through the Streisand grapevine that she was the show's guest and tried to get tickets to no avail. But I decided to take my chances and head down there with hopes of maybe just catching a glimpse. Things started out kind of slow as I showed up at about 5:15 and she had already gone in. So, being the true fan that I am, I decided to wait it out and talk to anyone who looked like they knew something about finding a way in. A couple of wild goose chases later, a glimpse at Donna Karen and Streisand beloved puppy, Samantha and a long wait in a short line, I finally landed inside and upsatirs where I watched the first three hours of interview. Then, I was permitted downstairs into the studio for the last two hours as she answered questions from the audience. It was absolutely amazing. She is so eloquent yet so down-to-earth at the same time. She goes on and on about the art and craft of acting, directing, singing, and then interjects with little things that make you laugh out loud (including a remark about orgasms that I won't go into now, but will hopefully appear on the show!) See, that is the sad part about the whole thing...after five hours of great stuff, it will all be edited down into about 47 minutes of product for the one-hour show. If there was this much great stuff with Barbra, I can only imagine what was left on the cutting room floor for all of the other great interviews that have been conducted there.

Either way, it was truly an amazing night that I will never forget! And no matter how much gets edited out, I was there for the whole thing-live and in person. My love affair with all things Barbra still continues, stronger than ever.

(Warning: All of the information from this point on is mainly to serve the selfish interests of the writer. If you do not wish to read more Streisand details, feel free to move on to your next blog. If, however, you are a fan of Barbra Streisand or the writer and would like to see what else she has decided to write for posterity, continue on.)

Definite hints about the autobiography that she is writing
The Movie Album, due October 14th, is dedicated to Gregory Peck

BJS: "Early in my career, record execs didn't know whether to sign me or not because they couldn't tell if I was white or black..."
JL: "until they saw you..."
BJS: Yeah, just by my voice, but..." at which point she stands up, turns around, and sticks her ass out to the audience "Quincy Jones like it...he says it's nice." refering to her ghetto bootie

After nearly two hours and getting a little hungry..."I haven't gone this long with out eating in a while." At which points she asks if there is anyway she can get something to eat..."a ritz, a cookie, a Kit-Kat, anything?" A couple of minutes later a guy brings out a tray of sugary goodness. She grabbed a handful of Oreos and a Kit-Kat bar and starts munching away while James Lipton tries to continue with the interview. Totally at ease she munches away commenting every now and then about how good Oreos are and talking around huge bites of cookie she manages to get out "you need stamina for this!" Classic Barbra, a woman who loves food!

The Questions:
Favorite Word: Truth
Least Favorite Word: Impossible
Turn on: Gardening, Samantha, her husband, her son, great conversation
Turn off: Apathy
Sound she loves: Orgasms
Sound she hates: microphone feedback in her ear
Favorite Curse word: Fuck
A Proffesion she would do if not this: Architect, Horticulture
A Proffesion she would not do: Podiatry
If Heaven exists, what do you want to hear when you get there? "Oh, it's you again!"

Sunday, September 07, 2003

What an adventure! I spent yesterday on the lovely land just south of Manhatten known as Staten Island. I was invited by my kick-arse roomie from London to a bbq at her boyfriend's house. (Note: her boyfriend's name is Tony and his dad is Vinny--I am truly in New York!) The day turned out to be a complete blast! The free ferry ride over offered excellent views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and an amazing look at the Manhatten skyline. The people of Staten Island have the thickest New York accents but also the biggest hearts. They welcomed me in with open arms and open liquor bottles (a stash that would have rivaled the immense glory of wild Bluestone nights!) and more delicious food than I could squeeze in. I had a great potato knish and lots of Italin meats...it was nice.

The highlight of the night had to have been the crazy drinking game which managaed to bring together all of the parties participants in a loving, hugging, kissing, high-fiving mass of drunkeness. The game is called Flip Cup and basically consists of people forming teams of however many want to play. Then going down the line shooting beer from a dixie cup and then trying to flip the cup over on to its top with a quick flick of your finger. It's a lot harder than one would think and a whole lot more fun. I played twice and each time upon completeion of my task was met with huge bear hugs and being lifted off of the ground as people screamed around me...seriously, so fun!

Anyway, by the time I caught the eleven o'clock ferry back to the city I was totally exhausted but really happy that I got to meet some of the nicest people on Staten Island.

SIDEBAR: I saw my first rat the other day. It was huge and running down the street with about half a dozen men chasing him with a hoe and yelling about how big he was and how he must be eating well. Funny and frightening, but mostly just funny. Just another day in the city!

Friday, September 05, 2003

First things first...yet another reaon to love NYC...I stopped at the Popeye's chicken place today to have lunch. As I was eating, what comes blaring over the speaker? Streisand in all her New York glory...how fabulous!

Secondly, I decided to go job hunting today. I stopped in at Barnes and Noble but the heavy air of psuedo-academics pushing books as cutomer service people quickly deterred my interest. So i sat for a while and read and then headed across Union Square to the Virgin Megastore...I figure, I like music and movies, plus, I'm a virgin so I am a prime
candidate. Anyway, I find the guy who lets me know that they are indeed hiring. He hands me ab application along with, what I can only describe as the Megastore challenge, and off i go to fill it out. Well, the application part was easy...the megastore challenge, not so much. It was a four page test of all things pop culture. I'm not kidding, nearly a hundred questions spanning movies, music, and video games...just so i can sell crap to teenagers. Anyway, across the tope was the phrase..."Don't worry, you may not be able to answer all of the question,"...well, theuy were right. Now, I consider myself to be a pretty hip kid but I felt dumb as dirt doing this thing, which I struggled with for like half an hour. Part of me thought it was really challenging just to see how much I thought I knew, the other part of me just wante dto say screw it and move on. But, my ego got the better part of me and I sat quietly in the cafe and toiled away answering questions. I probably got about 60-70% of them answered...okay, that may be over stepping it a bit...but it was really hard! Anyway, the guy seemed pleased with what I was able to answer, especially the question about the name of B.B. King's guitar's name...(Lucille for those scratching their heads) and said he would give me a call to set up an interview on Tuesday.

So, I tried to remember some of the questions and wrote a few of them below. Some are easy and some not so much. Some of the really hard ones I have blocked from my memeory but at least you can get a quick glimpse of what I went through today. Take a stab and see how you stack up.

Name five jazz musicians/reggae musicians/acid jazz musicians/country musicians/blues musicians/folk musicians/classical musicians?
If stranded on a deserted island, what five cds would you want with you?
Name all of the Beattles.
what is an 8 track?
What is a mini disc?
Name 5 computer companies
Name 5 popular games for playstation or x box.
What roles did these people win Oscars for:
Tom hanks
Emma Thompson
Katherine Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn
name a reggea artist not in the Marley family.
Name two movies made by these people:
Francis Ford Coppola
Alfred Hitchcock
Steven Spielberg
Quinton Tarrintino
Name the lead singer and the drummer of the Rolling Stones.
Name the lead singer of the Grateful Dead.

...and oh so many more...

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Elvis was on to something. I know, I know, music, hip shaking, etc. But really he was on to something when he ordered his cook (who in my mind is a big black woman who knew her way around a southern boys kitchen) to prepare him a sandwich that would stick to his bones...and arteries...and shoot up his cholesteral. Anyway, I stopped at this place today and had the Elvis, literally! As I had an hour to kill after yet another trip to the financial aid office, I wandered around the village looking for Peanut Butter and Company because I was determined to eat there...you see, I forgot my map and the address so wander is really the right word here. Anyway, I found it and settled in for an Elvis--peanut butter, bananas and honey, fried to golden perfection--served with potato chips and crunchy carrot sticks (which I ate for dessert) and a tall glass of ice cold milk. I t was, as I had imagined it would be, a fabulous dinner. So I repeat, Elvis was really on to something. And so are the guys at Peanut Butter and Company.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Today's Topic: Squirrels

Not just any squirrels, but black squirrels. Yup, you heard correctly, black squirrels. In all of my life and all of the squirrels that have crossed my path, never have I seen a black squirrel. Suddenly, in New York City they are everywhere. Now these aren't just any squirrels, not your typical, playful breed of chocolate brown ones that run around frantically collecting nuts. No, no, I am talking about a new breed of squirrel that I have stumbled upon. The black squirrel is friendly, to a point, but carries with it a certian edge unlike most squirrels. On more than one occasion, I have seen a black squirrel run up to a traditional brown squirrel and snatch his nut. The brown squirrel in question never puts up a fight but gladly gives up his hard fought-for nut and walks away to search for other nuts. I have even been approached by one of these black squirrels who proceeded to walk right up to me, stand on his hind legs and look at me like I was short, as if to say "this is my turf punk, I run the nuts around here, so back up!"

Now I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't just a little bit afraid of these squirrels. They are like a little gang of unloved, neglected, fighting squirrels and I worry that, at any minute, they could surround me ready to throw down. I guess that is why the NYU folks are always telling you to go out with friends in New York, so that if you are ever surrounded by these little creatures, one of you can run for help while the other is being brutally attacked. I think that as long as I don't make eye contact I'll be okay. But if push comes to shove, I'm ot afraid to kick a squirrel!

Monday, September 01, 2003

Although today left a bit to be desired on the fun scale (read: more rain!) Yesterday was amazing. Joi and I met up with another SU transplant, Claire, to grab lunch at this place and hang out. We then ended up making our way uptown to spend the beautiful afternoon exploring the ginormous area that is Central Park. One word: amazing! We wandered around for a few hours passing both the Guggenheim and Metropolitan museums as well as strolling by Strwaberry Fields, the Jonh Lennon tribute. We happily stumbled upon a man whe was very James Taylor-esque giving a great free concert on one of the many hills and a whole gang of people who were jamming it up seventies style as they had created an old school skating rink in the middle of the park. There was this one older woman who was working it in her white, yup you heard right, white spandex pants and tube top...and yes, she looked good! We stopped on the edge of the lake where couples-a-plenty were out paddling through the park a la Kate and Hubble in The Way We Were (which is playing at the Ziegfeld Theater, maybe I'll go). I took lots of pictures and hope to get them out soon for folks to peak at, but don't hold your breath (sorry mom!) There is still so much of the park to explore as it spans something like fifty blocks, but yesterday was a nice intro.

Tonight I am making some dinner and watching the boob tube, listening to the rain. Classes start tomorrow (thank goodness!) so i'll let everyone know how that goes. Enjoy your nights...